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Radix House Coffee Shop

COA's For Radix House CBD Related Products

CBD Loose Flower - (7 gram bag page 1of1, 2of3, 3of3)

CBD Tincture –

CBD Dog Treats –

CBD Honey -

CBD Gummies - 

CBD Cashew & Cranberry snack  (discontinued)

CBD Cookies 1to1 Apple or Cashew

CBD only cookies  others

CBD Hemp Prerolls (discontinued)

CBD Hemp Fruit Chews Radix House Fruit Chews   (discontinued)

CBD Flavored Honey 

CBD Hemp Peach Gumdrops LINK

CBD Hemp Pineapple Gumdrops LINK 

CBD Hemp Delta8 Gummies –

CBD Hemp Delta8 Tincture – (discontinued)

CBD Hemp Delta8 Carts – (discontinued)

CBD Hemp Delta 8 Cookies (CBD  / Hemp Derived)

CBD Hemp Delta 9 Cookies (CBD  / Hemp Derived)

CBD Hemp Moonshot (CBD / Hemp Derived)

CBD Hemp 40/40mg Cookies (CBD / Hemp Derived)

CBD Hemp 20/10mg Cookies (CBD / Hemp Derived)

CBD Hemp Texas Rocket Fuel(CBD / Hemp Derived)