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Radix House Coffee Shop

We Are 

Radix House Coffee Shop


Origins of "Radix" and the Radix House Coffee Shop 

• noun In astrology, the original figure of birth, the source of all judgments and predictions.

• noun The root of a plant: used chiefly with reference to the roots of medicinal plants or preparations from them.

• noun Hence The primary source or origin; that from which anything springs, or in which it originates.

• noun In etymology, a. primitive word or form from which spring other words; a radical; a root.

• noun In mathematics, a root.

• noun In zoöl, and anatomy, a root; a rooted or rootlike part; a radicle: as, the radix or root of a tooth; the radix of a nerve.

Love is at the root of our mission. From the pep in your step found in an amazing cup of coffee combined with the tranquil feeling found in our hemp products, Radix House is passionate about bringing you the best of both worlds. Backed by laboratory testing to the most strict of standards, you can feel confident in knowing you have the best along with all the benefits of using organically grown methods.

We believe this combination of amazing coffee and incredible hemp derived CBD provides for one really "Rad Brew" experience you will be sure to have again and again. Our success allows the Radix House Coffee Shop the ability to partner with programs supporting PTSD treatment and research in Texas. As an active participant in the PTSD community, we work to help educate others about our personal experience with hemp derived CBD and our stories on how we believe it improves our quality of life. Thank you for being part of our journey.